Hola i'm Sof and I'm super violent

i like assassino assholes, badass commanders, hot outsiders, and bastard babes

video games are my friends and so are you

dishonored tarot cards; I. Judgement- Emily Kaldwin


Batman/Superman #14 Selfie Variant

Do you feel that too? All empty inside, like.

skyrim: scenery porn

come ride with me,
through the veins of history

Look where we will the inevitable law of revelation is one of the laws of nature.


30 day coloring challenge

Day 03: Create a color porn coloring (x)

Unite and fight, to make a better life.


things fake dude gamers say

  • we need to go back to the roots of gaming and stop trying to make games for everyone
  • there are no queer video game characters
  • representation in video games doesn’t matter because everyone who plays them are all just like me
  • my video games are art but i don’t want them to be critiqued as if they’re a piece of art because it’s also just a game